CSA trying everything to get money out of me!

November 13, 2015

Hi, everyone I wanted to share my story hada 1 night stand 10 years ago then 2 years ago the csa started taking 5 pound per week out of my dole without my knowledge for this child who is suppose to be mine il go for dna but cant aford it atm.

I started work last year an csa have wrote to me last week saying I owe over 2 grand in arrears plus 31 pound without adjustments. I have another child who I get over night everyweekend an spend money on him an help my ex with uniforms ect… csa are not taken into consideration that I have another child unless my ex goes through them. Csa have contacted my boss looking him to pay derect outa my wages. This girl from 10 years ago is rubing her hands together I offered her 10 pound per week if the child is mine an her except words were why should I take 10 pound when csa are going to pay me 30 pound. I am homeless an have finance to pay for my car I have credit cards , insurance to pay an struggle already as it is.

My question is can csa make me sell my car to pay arears ? Everytime I phone them they say that my case has been sent to a enforcement agency an they will notify me when I have to pay. I work only 30 hours per week it will become the stage that I will be better on benefits . Who said your better of working legally! !!