CSA Complaints

CSA treat men like criminals even though women share responsibility

I have 2 10 year old girls twins ‘ I’ve been treated shocking by the mother over the years I believe in paying my way for my children. I’ve been stopped haveing them to many times over 9 years but still have to suffer , it’s turned on the man as though he is a criminal with most of the mothers the csa also treats you like a criminal ‘ there is some men who want to have their children and pay for them no matter what but are still made to suffer by the mother and the csa.

I’m a carer for my wife who is disabled who has had all kinds of abuse to my self and my wife over the last few years over my children. I had an excellent job when I met my wife 8 years ago but was told I will be ruined by my children’s mother ‘ I lost my job because of the mother of my children because I wanted to move on with my wife now , my x partner was sleeping around and has no shame in admitting it ‘ I still have broken contact with my children now it’s sole distorting for me and my two girls .

The csa ain’t interested in what the woman does just a man I’ve had arguments with them and my wife has they spoke to her like I couldn’t say in this ‘ they was taking £95 a fortnightly out of my wife’s esa even to this day never had any money back of them as they was taking to much out of her money for months but yet take the man for every think . It takes two to have children so not just the man should be made to suffer ‘ the woman should be made to share the responsibility and pay for them the law should be changed for the better! Over the years men have payed the price with there life because of the out come with the csa then told you can’t see your children isn’t it enough not spending qaulity time with them . That’s a price no one can put on.

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