CSA took my money without informing me

September 7, 2015

My son was 15 when i got involved with the csa. they took it straight from my wages. i earn £500 a month they took £15 a month. but when i got paid today they had taken £110. our head office told me they had recived a letter saying i had to pay it for arrers. ive not had any letters. they did all the figures and took a percentige. if theyve made a mistake why should i have to pay for it. they only letter ive had was telling me my son was no longer entitled to any money as he was not in education or living with his mother. ive phoned the csa today. they were supossed to phone me back. but they did say my  17 year old is worth £25 a week but my 5 and 6 year old are only worth £15 a week each. i wouldent mind but he lived with me for 3 months and i still had to pay. when is somebody going to do something about these people.


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