CSA Complaints

CSA told me to pay or go back to my own country!

Im a father I have very Sad story with CHild support agency.

My child was remove in Sweden without my consent and brought to the UK by force by my EX. I come in the UK in 2009 to fight in court to bring my son back to Sweden where he was born, after court taking long I did not go the benefit I decide to look for job to survive and keep my case going with a lawyer I FIND A JOB a  share service centre in Manchester earning after Tax 1026 GBP a month when my EX hear that I was working she contact CSA to claim child maintenance despite several letter send to them to explain the issue , Swedish authority have send letter to confirm the situation but yet this people find opportunity to take 386.25 per month from my wage , I have rent to paid council, tax, 2 others child to look after.

when I contact them and complain I spoke with one rude lady I remember her name Mrs Carole she said her name was , I was intears when she told me that if im not happy with the UK law I can GO BACK TO MY COUNTRY I was in shocks , I those people as so much power to tell some one to leave the country? the they have so  much power to treat anyone the way the want to? I have try to take my live twice because of them the did not stop calling me every day even when am at work is that the right way to treat some one? having a kids in the UK is that a criminal offence? I will really be happy to join the fight that this institution who don’t respect the basic Human right been close every one need to be treat with respect fairly and equally this tape of organisation don’t have place in country with a strong Human right believe.

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