CSA told ex to refuse my money so they could open a case

July 29, 2012

When Brendan was born I started paying Sarah maintenance for Brendan and she let me visit, I also gave her cash to help out when I was there, after about 3 or 4 months, my payments to Sarah was returned to my account, (Bank of Scotland, Dunfermline Branch).

I ask Sarah about this and she said she had closed her bank account, I ask Sarah why she closed her account, her answer was “I have no need for it”, I ask for another account so I could pay her, she told me that it was not possible and I would have to pay in cash, which anyone with a bit of sense would realise that being in the Navy, it is not always practical to get home on a monthly basis, she also said that I was not to see Brendan again. Then the CSA contacted me to say that I had failed to keep up my payments to Sarah, the CSA would not listen to anything I had to say. When Sarah and I got back together, March 2000, she explained to me why she closed her bank account towards the end of 1993.

She explained that the CSA could not pursue me as I was paying her on a regular basis, if she could stop me from paying then they would pursue me for child maintenance.

When Sarah and I split up in April 2002, the CSA contacted me again saying I owed money to them, I ask for a break down of monies owed, which was not forthcoming, but they persisted in ignoring my request, however, when I mentioned that I had had a conversation with Sarah about the manner in which I came on to the radar of the CSA and mentioned entrapment, they left me alone. Until 2006.


Sarah has 3 children, each from a different Fathers, Sarah was claiming benefits, as she didn’t work. I was the only one chased by the CSA, Hannah’s Father had other children, so he spent money on Hannah when he visited, and Jordan’s Father has not been pursued. I was still in the military at the time Sarah and I broke-up (which was when she was pregnant, I was over the moon that she was pregnant, but after a few month she said “I’ve got what I want, a 3 bed roomed house and my third kid on the way, you can clear off” (or words to that effect)) which I put down to hormones, and believe this to be true today.

The following years became a bit of a roller coaster ride for myself, as I was not able to see my child, this I put down to the CSA constantly perusing and victimising me. As Jordan’s father, (not military background) was not being pursued.

My next relationship was with a Mother of 2, she worked for a living, and the father was not pursued. When that relationship came to an end after 4 years of marriage (and 2 years before marriage), Sarah and I bumped into each other and the reception I got from her was warm. We met up, I got to see the Children again, and life was becoming good again. As time went by and we become close again, I ask her why she closed her bank account, and she told me what I believe to be true. (See entrapment). After this incident, the relationship was rather strained, as I was hurt.

We split up in April 2001, I got another relationship on the go, A Mother of 3, one of which, the eldest, was living with his father, she worked, so he was not pursued by the CSA, I, however, was, while trying to look after a family of 4. I left the military in June 2003, the CSA stopped pursuing me, My wife and I then split up, and Sarah and I then become friendly again, (nothing more) and I got to see the Children again, we would meet halfway to for the Boys to come to me, Sarah even used to travel up to Wales with them and stay in the local pub.

All was going well, until I joined the Royal Naval Reserves, then the CSA started to pursue me again. Again this was a one-way correspondence activity, in as such that, When I asked a question, I was ignored, Sarah then went rather cold, She would make it awkward for me to see the Boys, as in, she wouldn’t meet up half way, even the Boys new something was not right, until, Jordan was about to get kicked out of School, then I became wanted again, Sarah couldn’t handle him at tall. Jordan then came to live with myself and Jenny at the request of Sarah, I didn’t hesitate, I spoke to my Partner (Jenny) and she was more than happy to help out, Sarah and her partner then became friendly with Jenny and myself and all was fine.

We got to the route of Jordan’s waywardness, the college that he was attending, discovered he was dyslexic, (10 years at the same school didn’t do him any favours), Jordan started feeling good about himself, and is now in a good relationship, a good job, and an absolute joy to be around.

In February 2011, which was when I was mobilised by the Royal Navy to protect Britain’s interest in the Arabian Gulf. The CSA took money out of my account and summonsed me to court, The court told the CSA to hand the money back, (It took 8 weeks for us to get the money back, we had to go back to the courts to get it). I ask again for a break down of the bill (as with ANY bill you get there is a breakdown, not just a random number plucked out of the air), I also ask how much of this money would go to my child, I was told ‘None, it would go to the Mother’ I then ask how much would go to my child’s Mother, there was no answer, I asked again, I was ignored again, just threatened with prison.

My Bill to the CSA

Dates No. of Children Total time Who
12/1990-05/1993 2 5 years Sarah
09/1994-06/2000 2 12 years Deborah
08/2000-04/2002 3 4.5 years Sarah
04/2002-04/2004 2 4 years Shirley
07/2004-present 0* 2 Years Jenny
Total 27.5 Years

*Jordan came to live with us due to Sarah not being able to handle him.

Summary, CSA owe me 27.5 years of child maintenance.

Jenny, My partner, was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago, and is registered disabled.