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CSA taking payments for a child that might not even be mine!

I’m wondering if you could help me I’ve recently spoke to a woman from CSA regarding payments for a child from a previous relationship which not as yet been confirmed that I am the father. At the moment I can’t afford to pay the £250 odd DNA test at the moment because I’m trying to pay all the mortgage and all the other bills in my household as my fiancée is on maternity ready to give birth to our 2nd child.

I’ve told the woman that I can’t afford this and she said it don’t matter and I still got to pay ? I told the woman that in my job the overtime rate had been reduced and the cut in work hours and I’ve earned between £6000 and £7000 less than last years annual income but still insisted that I had to pay £94 per week coming out of my weekly wage from work, this is roughly £396 per month and I told them the wage I earn every week now I can’t afford to pay that amount per week/month because with paying all the other bills myself my monthly outgoings is more than I earn . I told the woman I can’t live and provide for my family and she said she didn’t care and I had to pay and now they’ve starting taking money directly from my wage through work. I’m not sure what to do now has I’ve got a lot of stress and worry now thinking I’m not going to be able to keep a roof over the heads of my family and provide what they need in life . Please try and help me thanks.

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