CSA takes money direct from bank

June 23, 2011

I just want to know if anyone knows where he stands or what can he do my friend recieved a phone call back in late 2003 from the csa saying he owes money for his children when he spent several hours on phone he finally got arrangement of payment sorted he was only 20 at the time and didnt understand much of it just paid what he was told to pay he asked the pwc for access which was very limited it eventually came to demanding more and more money which he stupidly kept handing her he bought everything for the children but still wasnt good enough after 4 months of paying his ex requested that he sleeps with her on her request or he will never see the kids again he refused to give in to her demands and access became less and less to eventually none but still yet contiued to pay

About a month later he had been told one night that his ex was having a party with the kids in the house he went over and found the children upstairs in a room with teenagers smoking dope.

He removed the teenagers from the room and confronted his ex about the risk the kids where in he was told by his ex that it was none of his business when he said that he had as much right as she did she told him that he wasnt the father he was told to leave or she would call the police.

He left calling the police himself about neglection of the children the next day a text message recieved from her again saying stay away from her children.

After several nasty messages he desided to ring csa about dna testing he was made aware that they would speak to pwc but he would have to continue to pay until the matter was resolve.

3 months after no phone call so desided to ring csa about progress on the case within 30 seconds of being on the phone a chap answered telling him that he was no longer involved in the case by instruction of pwc and cannot disscuss any further.

The next time he hears from the csa is in late 2009 from a fella called ross and demanding arrears of 11.5k my friend explained the situation and was told you owe this money.

After several more complaints the csa desided that it was a computer error and would not hear any more about it.

The next time he heard from csa was when he rang them in feb 2011 when his bank had told him £2800 had been removed from his bank account after a long argument he was told that he would have to pay for dna testing to get the money that was stolen from him another 1000 pounds down of his money to find out the truth after 3 more months mother desided to get test done.

I finally got results back and finds out he is the dad so he begs for access with pwc which is refused and trys to get payment arranged with csa but asks why has it been left soo long for them to contact no steal money from him before he knows the case is still open.

After a lengthy ignorant phone call with niki bell and martin the soo called head of the department still no better informed of why it has taken over six years he then is told by this martin that he will find out why and be in touch by 6 may still waiting that call next thing his bank account completly emptied.

If any one has any advice to what should be done it would be very helpful thanks for listening.