CSA Complaints

CSA takes advantage of those in employment!

After years of hell with this so called organisation I have came to the conclusion if your in employment your an easy target for this mob !

As I’m in construction and my wages vary week to week the CSA have decided I should pay £150 per week for my daughter who stays with her mum and new husband . I also have new wife and 2 other kids how can I be paying over £600 a month to my ex my own children who stay in our house don’t get anyway near that amount ! Every other week they check my wages change my amount put me in arrears etc . I have never missed a payment but I’m in arrears . I go on holiday with my family I get no wages for the time I’m off come back to work get a wage only to find the week I was away no payment obviously because I never got wages gets doubled to following week !

I feel the CSA are taking advantage of my position !!!!

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