CSA stopped taking payments 6 years ago and now want me to pay again!

January 23, 2017

The CSA fixed my payment and took it from me with a DOE. When my son reached 16 they stopped taking it out ( i never moved jobs/departments/roles , everything the same), just one week they stopped taking out the £68 ( £63 CSA , £5 back payments.) That was in 2008. I received a letter yesterday saying they were taking (yet) another look at my case ( Whjich i thought had finished in 2008) and they want to know my employment and housing costs etc from 1997-2005 and that they have ‘calculated’ i still owe them £9000!!! If i still owed them monet, why didnt they just keep taking the £68 or the £5 arrears till it was complete? and why can’t they already know where i worked/ didn’t work during this time?

Any help obviously greatly appreciated.