CSA staff member acused me of abandoning my children

December 26, 2011

I had been making payments for my youngest two children to the C.S.A. I left my job in 2006 to help my daughter look after her disabled child. I wrote to the C.S.A explaining my change in circumstances and received no acknowledgement from them. As this seems to be normal procedure from these offices I (wrongly) thought they would reduce my payments or stop them due to the fact I was in receipt of J.S.A.

My granddaughter died early 2008 and I returned to work. I changed jobs in 2009 and 2010 in all cases informed C.S.A. It seems all the letters I sent either were not delivered or have been ‘lost’ by the C.S.A.

I was told in october 2010 That I had built up arrears on my sons payments (aged 19) and my payments for my daughter (aged 17) were clear, no further payments required. The payments they took from my wage was almost £70 per week on a £160 wage. My second husband had just walked out on me (no children involved) and I was struggling to make the payments. I contacted C.S.A to have my payments reduced and after some arguing finally got them reduced to £40 per week.

Still confused as to why I was required to pay for the older child and not the younger I asked for a breakdown of the debt and all payments made to it. As yet, none has arrived. I was also told by the operator that I ‘shouldn’t have abandoned my children’

This ‘person’ did not know the circumstances of the marriage breakdown and subsequent series of events that led to my children living with their father and I was very upset at this comment.

What I would like from the C.S.A is a complete breakdown of my account from the day it was opened listing all payments made to it. I would also like an apology from them as to the comments made by one of their employees.

As far as this goes, the C.S.A has the authority to bankrupt the unfortunate parent without care no matter the circumstances and make derogatory remarks. Plain and simple, legalised theft of monies and insulting behaviour is the norm.