CSA should suspend my payments until custody hearing is completed

January 27, 2017

My son is 7 years old. Up until December 2015 my son was living with me 3-4 nights a week. His mother, sadly, isn’t a very good parent or a good person and my son saw very little of her.

In December 2015 my son’s mother took him away from me for no reason other than spite, control and pound signs.

I went through all the necessary motions before taking her to court in early 2016 to get my son back and our lives back together. Where as this is how it started out, the mother has done and said anything and everything to turn the situation against me and is determined to make it go on forever. Now I am being forced to fight for my right to be a father and for the truth to be heard.

I have had to move out of my home and borrow money to afford my legal bills and what’s worse is that now I have to pay the mother £200 a month that I don’t have for her to keep my son away from me. It’s very clear that the reason why she is doing this is so she can get money from me and it’s seems a great and obvious injustice that she should given the circumstances. The more money she gets, the more she is encouraged to keep my son from me.

I read on the Internet that if “the mother is making it impossible for the father to see the child then child maintenace payments can be suspended”.

I believe that fathers should not have to pay child maintenance if the mother is denying access to the father all together but at the very least surely if one parent is taking the other to court to fight for custody of the child/children and there is proof of this and proof that the parent is paying more than what they earn for legal support and court fees and no proof that the father had done anything wrong then surely, in these circumstances, the law should be altered so that child maintenace payments be suspended until a decision has been reached?

I haven’t seen my baby in over a year and I don’t know when I will, I have had terrible lies told about me and have been wrongly penalised by the courts, I have been stripped of my dignity, pride and all of my money, my home and my future. I am alone and there is nobody to help or listen. I have cared for and provided for my son all of his life whilst his mother did not, I don’t deserve this.


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