CSA sent letter demanding £48,000

May 25, 2012

My story started in oct 2009. I remember the date because i was in my tool shed polishing the little black heart shaped head stone for my baby son who had passed away.my partner told me id missed a call so i rang it back , a lady answered & after id given my details she spoke about my older son to which i became very confused thinking it was about my younger son whos funeral was the next day sunday the lady proceeded to tell me i owed £23,000 for a period between his birth in 93 to 2003! My head being elsewhere & the fact it was saturday, surely goverment bodies dont work saturdays, i asked her to put it in writing and hung up, thinkin it must be a crank call.

It was another 3 months before they contacted me again ,the background to my story is a little different in that my ex partner passed away in 2005 from organ failure due to drinking aged 32 ,we werent together at the time. We lived together until my son was about 5 years old then we had an on off relationship, id pay her cash every weekend i picked up my son ,in the year 2000 she had a relationship with another man & fell pregant that relationship didnt last more than a few weeks when her son was born i started to take him out as well as my son and i have brought him up as my own.

They both live with my partner & i & her two children .

When i next had contact with csa they said id need to provide proof of payment to my ex-partner . then nothing no contact ,until 6 weeks ago i had a demand for £48,000 when i opened the letter my head went numb & i felt ill.