CSA seems to enjoy causing me pain

July 29, 2014

The CSA wrote to me in January saying they were putting my maintenance up from £156 a month to £265. I protested this and they agreed to reduce it to £88 a month for six months as I was (and still am) suffering financial hardship.

This wasn’t implemented for a couple of months with the result that I have only had three months pay where the lower amount has been deducted, the CSA assured me that the amended order would last for six months from when the lower amount was deducted then the other day I received a letter saying they are putting the amount up to £285 from the 28/08.

I contacted them to chase it up and they said because my ex hasn’t contacted them back they have to do this and yet I have a letter from them in May saying they would do this. I am waiting for them to contact me back but they don’t have a good record of keeping in touch with me so I envisage writing them a complaint at the end of this week when I haven’t heard back from them and copying it to my MP.

I have informed them that I have several serious health problems and this ongoing fiasco with them exacerbates it and they seem delighted to carry it on anyhow.