CSA says I owe them money that was overpaid

June 15, 2010

Briefly I , the PWC, received a letter from the CSA saying I’ve been overpaid £6.5k which they”re going to give him in full ie fund it so I now owe the Secretary of State and their going to take £100 a month from me to pay it off.

Trouble is it refers to may 2003 to Jan 2005 when they miscalculated my assesment becouse they didnt take into consideration any mortgage payments and have only just realised. Trouble is I got hammered during the divorce a few years later, couldn”t pay the mortgage so sell house but it was so slow so had to fight in court repossession order by bank (ex was in court sitting gloating).

House sold I pay off £178K Now this the mortgage again. Can anyone help me cos I”m so desperate and it just doesn”t seem fair?