CSA said they can’t make ex spend money on children

January 15, 2012

I first contacted csa when i first became unemployed as the jobcentre was not helping and dirceted me to them, they did there thing and said no money owed and my arrangement with ex over visitation was fine. i thought case closed.


I had moved house, new job, new start and had an arrangment with my ex. csa in the end got hold of me saying i had to pay including back pay, i accepted it, spoke to my ex and she said she wanted to go through csa.

I said fine and asked csa what about the fact i was paying for everything for the kids when i was working? is that considered? they said they would ask,my ex and did i have reciepts, i said i didnt and again explained i didnt no there was a case open agaisnt me so didnt think to.

I also asked, why am i paying csa AND buying what the kids need for my house? i wouldnt be able to live, they said my ex had to buy EVERYTHING the kids needed regardless what house.i set up a Volentary D.O.E.

I have since spoke to my ex saying the kids need things and she has flat refused to buy them, i asked her to go C.A.B with me for neutral person to tell her because she wouldnt belive me, again refused.

I contacted C.S.A explaining i needed a letter or a call to be made to my ex explaing please, i was told they dont do that, they cant tell her what to spend money on or make her but can make me pay through court order if i cancel my volentary D.O.E.!! my case worker marie (dont remember her last name) said well the clothes only a couple quid so why dont i buy them!! i said i pay csa and i was told yeah but thats what good daddys do to which i went mad and hung up (mistake i know, but heat of moment and lack of help) i have my children at the weekend, i never refused to pay csa, but when i ask for help im getting rudeness thrown back at me and an ex that is refusing to buy what the kids need. I’m considering quitting my job but then she will expect me to support the kids at my house on my j.s.a she gets every penny for the kids, child tax credit, child benefit,which as a couple said would be paid to her account,and now CSA. all this money is for what the children need but she refuses and everyone of them say that they cant make her do anything with the money.

It all seems corrupt and none of them offer help or advice but plenty of rudeness