CSA refuses to refund my overpayment

December 10, 2011

I have children with two differnet women, i have a daughter that lives with her mother in hull and a son and daughter with my ex wife. I have been getting £42.21 deducted weekly from my wages for the last year or so and because i was ill informed by someone at the CSA i was paying that amounbt when i should have been paying less due to having more that one child. so in effect i have been overpaying my daughter in hull’s mother but will the CSA seek out and recover that overpayment???

NO they will not!!!!

Then to top things off more recently now that the equation has been calculated taking my other child into account i have been iknformed by the CSA that i should be paying both mothers £23 each and should be doing so as of the 4th of November.

It is now into December and they have not sorted their affairs out so that my wage deductions are altered so i am still paying £42.21 to the mother in hull aswell as having to pay my ex wife £23. i am currently on paternity leave to help my ex wife while she recovers so my wages will be below my threshold for the next couple of weeks which means that once i’m back at work the wages in the following week or two will be deducted more than £42.21 to cover the lack of payments during the paternity leave weeks!!

If the CSA had sorted their affairs out the way they had made out to have done then i would not have to suffer hardship for two or three weeks!! surely there is something someone can do to run this organisation better!!!!!