CSA refused to return overpayment

August 14, 2012

Im looking for advice about my current case with the CSA.

Im a non residant dad who has had his child stay three nights a week since he was born, the CSA case was set up and ive always paid.

I then made changed part way through last year to inform them that my wages were due to raise, i was then informed that the CSA had recored me as having my son 0 nights a week.

I realised that i wouldnt be getting any overpaid money back for the previous year and a half and acepted it as i know he has benefited from the money but asked if it could be actioned now then as i am obvisouly over paying.

It has been 14months and they still have not changed the case details. i ring them weekly and they continue to lie about the progress of the change. the amount im now owed stands at around £1300 pounds worth of overpayments for over year and still it hasnt been changed.

When i asked how im due to be returned this over payment i was then told that i would recieve an additional reduction of around 5-10 pounds from my monthly payment amount so i can be repayed. which made me very angry as this would theoretically mean it would take around 10 years for me to receive the full amount im owed which i think is preposterous!

I argued the fact that if i missed one payment and said is it acceptable for me to repay that to you over 10 years? to which the reply was obviously no. And asked how this is infact a “fair way “ to be repayed when they reason it is such a high figure is because the CSA are obviously incapable of doing there job…

I’m at my wits end ! i don’t get paid alot of money each month, and i have bills and a house to run as well as looking after my little boy for three nights a week im left with nothing each month and its beyond a joke, i feel as if this has made me sound selfish maybe but i dont think any of this is at all fair. Im on good terms with my Ex and see my little boy at every oppurtunity i have so it is basically 50/50 each week yet im paying atleast 45 pound a week which on my wage is quite a big chunk.

Any help or advice on my problem would be greatly appreciated.