CSA raised payments and couldn’t justify it!

January 18, 2016

you can sue any one for anything now a days but because so many people cant afford it thay get away with it thay are praying on hard working fathers I for one have been hit today with a deo have always paid my csa payments so phoned them today and ask why it had gone up and thay said that’s just what it is now lol so I said I got 3 more dependets here how am I ment to live thay said we was unaware you had 3 others so all my payments over the past 5 years have been wrong but do you think I will get any money back.

I for one no for a fact thay will wiggle out off it even though the woman on the phone went all through my paper work to see if I had ever been asked or if I had ever sent anything to them and low and behold they never did and I never spoke to them ounce mainly because I was in afghan fighting a war for this country all the time they taking all my wages so basically I spent six months off my life out there for £500 a month disgusting now just getting my life back on track seeing someone every week for ptsd and get hit in the face with this excuse me while I go and hang myself ffs rant over.