CSA payments will mean that I can’t care for my family

April 3, 2015

I have lived with my mother all my life until i turned 44 when they knocked down the state and built new houses and a disabled house for my brother with 1 room less so i had to move into my own flat.

By a year later the csa started bugging me i had only been livin alone 1 year when i move here i had nothing somy mother spent 5 thousand pounds to get me what i needed therefore now i am in 5 thousand pound debt until i pay everything i own nothing in my flat.

I started working for my disabled brother as a carer i get paid direct paymewnt 1400 a month my job is 7 days a week 6 hours a day 2 norning 2 day and 2 evenings and i stay there 2 nights a week, i can not have a second job,i have to buy my own gloves wipes and various other items to help look after him.

They want to take 354 for 1 child out of my wages, i have another son aged 15 whom weve nevr registered with these people and i have always looked after him ect, now he is being registered to show them he is my son and i do look after him and give him money for his needs.

What csa dont seem to want to care about is,, taking 354 pounds of my wages and my rent is 600 a month my council tax is 80 a month my water rate is 25 a month and hot water is 40 a month, around 80 for supplys for my job other expenses such and phone which is vital as i can get called by my mother anytime 24 hours a day which is around 40 a month bill and mobile phone around 30 a month and i spend around 200 on my 15 year old son, also i am about to start paying off my 5k debt ect this leaves me with hardly anything at the end of month, to live on ect.

I am trying to care for my seriously physically and blind and disabled brother my mother is 68 years old she cant do it alone. what can i do to get these people to stop ? if i cant afford to look after him i will have to stop work, who will help my mother? she doesnt want anyone else helping and will refuse anyone else,hope you can help or advice me.