CSA payments are stopping me from seeing my daughter

March 4, 2015

Hello i am dealing with the csa since may last year when i found my wages short, after contacting my payroll, i was told that there was a attachment of earning against me of £147 a fortnight, thats £294 a month.

When i contacted the csa regarding this, i was told that they had been trying to contact me for sometime, i told them that i had not received any correspondence from them, and my ex partner, their client had my mobile number and address.

I also told them that i could not afford to pay that amount has i was only earning £498 a fortnight, so i was left with £351 to pay rent, gas, electric, water rates, council tax and food, plus bus fares to see my daughter, in the end i had to give up my home and move in with my partner, really before she was ready, has my rent was £450 a month on its own and having only £700 left after the money from me, leaving £250 to pay everything else, basically £62.50 a week for bills and food.

The csa told me that they would not change the amount and how i live was not their concern, getting money for my daughter was, i understood that i have to pay for my child’s upkeep, but not at the expense that i could not see her, due to not being able to afford to collect her.

I have paid in the region of £2058 in seven months, before my arrears were clear, i was paying the mother directly but found my money wasn’t always going on my daughter, but i didn’t have a my receipts or bank statements a few payments could not be confirmed.

I have recently found that you have up to two years to pay back arrears, which my partner found out during a conversation with the csa, now that she is dealing with them too, during any of my conversations with the csa, or letters from them, did they mention the two years to pay back arrears, even when i told them that they were placing me in hardship.