CSA mistakes mean I am in arrears

November 14, 2012

I have paid child support for 19 years for 3 children, this works out at over 100k

3 years ago my 2nd child went to uni which left me supporting 1 My payments were at the time £149 for them both per month, when my 2 went to in the payments dropped to £28 per month I challenged this at the time and was to,d I on,y had to pay the minimum amount if £6.60 per week Roll on a few years and I changed jobs same salary, same housing costs ( this are high due to a big mortgage) I was told my assessment would be £67 per week, from £28 per month.

I challenged this and resent all my housing costs.

I was then informed it was 0.00 and my case was to be closed as instructed by my ex

2 weeks later I receive a call telling me it is to be re-opened???

I then get assessed at £44 per week and have over £4100 in arrears due to sevaral mis calculations (all CSA fault and admitted) and the will also take £168 a month to pay that back So from £28 a month to £357 I have appealed this decision and I’m going to court (date unknown yet) I’m appealing on the fact that over the last 5 years my payments have changed 9 times with different calculations yet my circumstances haven’t changed My appeal will be for the CSA to pay the arrears not me ( my best friends wife got all her arrears paid by the CSA instead of her ex-husband due to many mistakes -over 4k) Has anybody done this before?

Have you got any advice?

And to make things better the CSA have just put a departure on me for housing costs as my partner lives with me (she earns 12k a year) and that will add on an additional £190 per month making my total figure of £547 in regard to this I have had a meeting with my constituent mp and on Friday I’m attending a surgery with my proper mp for him to take my case on board – my cousin who works for the CSA has to,d me if they take it on board they can challenge and change the payments So up to now I’m paying £547 per month for a daughter I’ve never seen (she is 15 and got me ex found out she was pregnant 6 weeks after we had split up but ive always paid csa)yet me and my partner and her daughter will have after our bills and driving cats come out less than £100 a month to live on – how is that right?

The system is so complicated and corrupt its a disgrace

Any help on the above woud be grateful