CSA mistakes continue to mount up

April 16, 2010

Firstly after 12 years and a DNA test proving im not the father the CSA have finally refunded me all the money i’ve paid them, plus interest and DNA test money.

However i’ve now got a list of about 30 CSA complaints about my case that they have always refused to answer going back years.

I decided to contact my MP a couple of months ago and the CSA are now starting to look into things I THINK.

My MP’s secretary emailed me today and scanned a letter from the CSA that was sent to my MP.This letter stated that it would also include a copy of a letter sent from my caseworker Alex Trevorrow.No suprise that the CSA even forgot to attach this letter to my MP. Just like he sent it to my old address i lived in 11 months ago. The numpty has even sent letters before to the address ive lived at for the last 11 months so god knows what the excuse is.

It also stated that they are now looking into my complaint and my caseworker John Smith is dealing with it.Very strange because 2 weeks ago a woman called Kyra Bouch contacted me saying she was my caseworker. This means in 1 month i have now had 3 caseworkers dealing with me.

Further down the letter it states clear as day that the reason it took so long (3 months in fact) for me to receive my money back was because
‘My payments were split between the parent with care and the secretary of state’

Also on the 24th March i wrote to the Data Protection team to request the data they have on me.

More comedy even from them. They said they my letter on the 25th March and the payment on the 30th March.Strange because both letter and paymeny were sent in the same envelope. Then further down it states that the address on my letter doesnt correspond with the address on their system and until they receive a utility bill showing where i live then i still have to wait 40 days. So they have already saved themselves the 15 days it took to contact me.

I decided to phone them last night and they managed after being on hold twice to find the address ive lived for the last 11 months on A NOTEPAD.
ABSOLUTE COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have also told my MP i will only receive compensation for the last 12 years of grief if ‘There has been maladministration by the Agency