CSA lying and contradicting themselves

January 24, 2014

Split from my Ex over 11 years now and was paying £40 a week to my ex also a Loan that we both had at the time things where good and I was having access and my son and was spending weekends with me, if anything he could not wait to come down and did not want to go home the blighter. But 4 years ago I lost my job and was made redundant but still continued to pay maintenace out my REDun for as long as possible. Unfortuntaly I had trouble securing another job due to lack of up to date qualifications, I had to sign on and stop paying maintenance but still paid for my childs school clothes or put money towards them where I transfered the money to my Ex account. But over time my son as been poisened by my Ex and Mother In Law who she lives with and have been really pushing to have is name changed I refused even my son of 12 is asking for a name change and this is where the CSA got involved. CSA phoned me on August 2012 and told them that I have only just gone self employed and only signed of a week before they guy at the CSA was ok and gave me 3 months ot get my business of the ground as I had to purchase materials to get it started which the Job centre funded.

I have now been paying £70 a month as my business is only small at the moment but one day I paid her £85 directly by mistake to her bank rather than to my other account for CSA to collect this amount included small arrears. I phoned my Ex and told her that I paid directly and stated that it was there sitting in her bank to me meanwhile I contacted CSA to have them refund me the amount they was going to take of me in which they did 2 days after great people I thought. But 3 months after my ex states that she never had this payemnt of £85 so CSA call me stating that basically I was a Liar I then faxed them proof of bank transfer and all the evidence was there confident that I would come out Victorious they sent me a letter and stated that they cannot take this £85 as a maintenace payment I phone them in disgust and refues point blank to pay this £85 no way. after this November and Decmeber they never took a DD payment but I put the money to one side. Then January I got a call from CSA Debt Enforcement squad something posh and scary stating that My ex paid me back this £85 and that they the CSA never gave me £85 pound back but I have the statement from them that proves it, I phoned them back and spoke to someone different this time to tell them I have proof that she never refunded as she did not know my bank account number and no cash was recieved by her but this time thewy told me again that this £85 cannot be taken into account as my Ex said it was not for maintenance but the other women on the line told me she had refunded me which was a lie as stated totally contridicting themselves.

They say cash payments for not tracable but this proves also bank transfers are in dispute.


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