CSA lost my payments and kept the money

August 2, 2011

My husband paid via a deo for around 6-7 years and then got a call from the CSA saying that he had overpaid and they refunded him almost £1000. Four years later they decided that he was in arrears to the effect of £8,500. After much arguing and involving a solicitor and our local MP we finally got another refund for what they had started taking again. Another 2 years passed and they again started saying that he owed £8,500. They started taking £85 per week from his wages and didn’t seem to care that we had 2 young children. Again, after a lot of arguing and a 10 page complaint letter we received an apology, another refund and were told that the case was closed.

Last week he collected his wage slip and discovered that £85 had been deducted by them. We have had no communication whatsoever. After several phone calls we found out that the case was now clerical and had to contact Bolton. He rang to be told that he was in arrears and he had to pay.

They said that he had only paid £5000 and he only started paying in 2003. We got in touch with the only decent employee of the CSA at Birkenhead who could tell us that on his system it showed that from 2000 he was paying each week, and that was only becuse thats as far as the system would let him see. He has now requested the archive statements to show all previous payments. By our calculations he has paid around £23000 for 1 child but the Bolton office have no record of any payment previous to 2003. All we have been told by Bolton is to ‘prove it’. Hopefully when we receive the paperwork next week we will be able to do that and they may well owe him quite a chunk as they say he should have paid £13500! We wouldn’t mind so much but his son is almost 22 years old now!

I won’t give the name of the guy at Birkenhead but I will urge anyone having a similar problem to do the same. They are absolutely useless.