CSA Complaints

CSA lie in order to get money for women who use children as a weapon

It all started back in 2011 when my husband got a letter stating he would be required to pay csa each week for child x. He wasn’t aware there was even another child that “was his”. He called them immediately to ask why they were deducting x amount from him for this child when 1 he wasn’t aware there was a child that was his and 2 there was no evidence proving he was the father. The csa told him they had tried to make contact several times via phone and letter but had no response so they take this as he is the father and have the rights to act.

Well on there system it apparently says he ignored there letters etc but in reality he had never had a single letter from them until they wrote requesting he pays x amount. We have been battling now for over 5 years with this awful company for a dna test to which they say we have to pay for as he has already “refused one” utter rubbish!! He’s never even been offered one. Now, the mother is awful, she tells everyone the child is his, she herself is refusing a dna test and has told us take her court! She knows we cannot afford this but because she had all the power she gets away with it.

He already pays csa for 1 child who we see regularly who we know 100% is his but this one he’s never had contact with, never seen him, only seen pictures on social media. Csa refuse to help him but social services said he shouldn’t be paying a penny for that child until a dna test proves he’s the fathers. They are bleeding us dry, have now wrote to him saying he has nearly £1000 in arrears which isn’t his fault. They are ready trying to say he was employed during a time he wasn’t, that’s another issue were in the middle of sorting out.

The other mother has said she will end her csa claim but we have told her not to as the mother with child in question will just get the lot. We have also been warned if child x turns out not to be his he won’t get any money back what he has paid. Utter nightmare, why do women use kids like this!! I’m a mother myself and would never use this company.

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