CSA lets PWCs use children as weapons

February 17, 2011

My ex left me for a 21 year old girl.

She took my 2 children & only gives me the bare minimum. She left me in serious debt, nearly £100000. At first she agreed to me entering into an IVA & that she would pay towards it & also agreed to not seeking maintenance during the IVA, which takes 5 years.

I have 2 letters that she signed stating this, yet 6 months on she stopped paying then contacted the CSA who, because they dragged their feet making me pay 2 months arrears which cause I only earn under £1000 a month so for the 1st 4 months they took over 1/4 of my wages.

I have had my house repossesed & don’t know what to do cause I cannot afford to pay my debts off as I don’t have any money left after I’ve paid all my bills.

I would like to delcare myself bankrupt but cannot afford to do that so I am getting ill because of the stress this whole situation is causing.