CSA keeps the money it takes and my sister gets nothing

April 1, 2011

I am writing on behalf of my mam regarding her case.

basically it took the csa 13 years to catch with my sister dad to pay child support even tho he only lived 3 miles down the road.

The csa decided to make him pay 40% to catch up with his arrears which in total is arrears are thousands, for a few months my sister recieved 20% and the csa kept 20% to pay back the state (so they called it).

Now the csa has decided to keep the whole 40% meaning my sister recieve no help what so ever and say my sister owe the state 8500 grand. How can they get away with this its not her who owes the money its the father , she has to suffer due to the csa taking 13 years to finally do their job! My sister is still in full time education.

Has the law changed lately regarding arrears etc? .