CSA keeps telling lies

June 14, 2011

This is my first visit to this site but I thought that I would just share the latest lies with you all that the CSA are now telling.

For the past 4 years I have been a mature student and even though I have had to work to help finance my life everything seemed to run as smoothly as could be expected with the CSA then out of the blue this past Jan 2011 They decided that they would reassess me again Even though being a student and on a maintenance loan and grant of less than £8000 per academic year (9 months) and where I can I work part time and even with my highest wage slip of just less than £400 per month they manage to come up with a figure that I am now earning £400.70 net per week and that I now have to pay £67.45 a week.

Can someone out there please tell me how this is at all possible?

May I also just add that the wage slip they calculated this from was the highest wage and that the other wage slips stated that some months I earned £0 this has been my final year at uni and the amount of school work that I had to complete was phenomenal and did not have time to earn.

The worst part of all this as I have no dealt with them for over 12 years and started to grow thicker skin but with this latest lie they have now made my son’s mother believe that I am earning this much money and no she hates me and never wants to speak to me again and god knows what she is telling my son about me? I love the way the CSA make out that they do it for the welfare of my child but the repercussions of actions are scary.

Now when I supposed to have my future to look forward to after finishing my degree all I have is dread and not wanting to get a job for fear of never being able to earn any money ever again is my destiny to be on the dole? what kind of father I am for my son to look up to?