CSA keeps moving the goalposts

February 22, 2015

I telephoned the CSA today, as I’ve had the pleasure to pay maintenance for 16 years for my son whom I’ve not seen or heard of for 15 years, due to my vengeful, poisonous ex.

Yes I spent a fortune thro’ the family courts to be told the child’s welfare is paramount, so if he doesn’t want to see you then so be it!! back to the point… He’s 19 next month so it’s over… Or so I thought, to be told as he’s at college I’ve to continue paying until he reaches 20 ( unless he leaves college in September).

THIS APPLIES TO ALL, CSA1,2 and 3. And here’s the good bit, they will not be writing to any NRP’s informing them of this development oh no, we are just the cash machine that is a never ending source of income for a cash strapped government.

So once again they move the goal posts with no respect for the fathers that actually pay and care. It’s seems to me that if you pay then you’re a target to be treated like something unpleasant on the CSA shoe. I WISH YOU ALL WELL, AND GOD HELP ANYONE ASSESSED ON THE LATEST CSA CALCULATIONS….LEGAL ROBBERY!! And my MP, nothing more than a chocolate tea pot.