CSA keeps moving my money and will not pay me

February 13, 2012

My 14 year old doaughter moved in with me full time from end of september last year due to a breakdown in her already unstable relationship with her mother. I informed the CSA as soon as this happened but was told that the £130 a month CS payment I was making to her mother would be stopped until her mother gave confirmation of these change in my daughter’s living arrangements. Her mother denied that the arrangement of daughter living with me was permanent despite the fact that we had changes schools so that my daughter could go to the school local to my house. I was told by the CSA that they would allow 12 weeks to see if things changed and then would reimburse the payments I had made to her mother if my daughter continued to live with me.

I have to say I struggled for the next 12 weeks to find the money to look after my daughter’s basic needs as I am on a low incomve but work full time. We managed and then after the 12 weeks her mother admitted that the arrangement was permanent. Unfortunately another payment went through to her but I was reassured that the CSA would the payments since my daughter has been living with me back from her mother this is a total of £390. This was at the end of november 2011.

Since then i have called several times to see when I will recieve my money and have ben told several times that the case has been moved to another department and that it will be processed. Two months later no progress has been made I keep getting told that my case will be dealt with. I have told them the hardsip my daughter and I are suffering from, I often have money for gas meaning that we have to go without hot water and heating for days. We have to have the most basic meals as her mother will not provide any money for her care. I have told the CSA how urgently I need this money but they do not seem to care. I am at my wits end and my daughter is having to struggle because of her mother’s abuse of the system and the systems complete disregard for my daughter’s living standards.

I dont know what to do I have always been a joint carer for my daughter and because cant recognise two carers for my daughter have done without whilst looking after my daughter at least half the time her mother did if not more. Now I full care and they wont recoginise me or support me.

My daughter has suffered much emotinal abuse from her mother and that is why she lives with me know but know she has to live an impoverished life because the systems out there who are supposed to help do not.


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