CSA keeps making up charges without proof

July 4, 2012

I applied last October for the 25% reduction in carers allowance due to the child turning 14. It was not granted as the £5.78 reduction did not breach tolerance levels. In effect I am now paying £25.05 more than I owe each month.

In December, I applied for a re-assessment due to a reduction in wages. The re-assessment was done without asking me for my latest pay slips!!! So nothing changed. I asked them to take the re-assessment seriously, and also sent a reminder and recieved no reply. I have now chased this up and have ben told not to expect it to be back paid, and oh, by the way, you owe £550 for a DNA test 14 years ago.

I have asked for evidence of me not paying the DNA charge, and also for the agreement between me and the CSA to defer the debt until now. They tell me they are unable to locate either.

I told them that as I had requested my entire file 4 years ago for a tribunal, I was suprised that nothing in that file mentioned outstanding DNA payments. Where has this suddnely appeared from?

What planet do we live on to allow this to happen?