CSA keeps getting the amount wrong

February 12, 2011

Apart from getting nearly every detail wrong, bar my children’s names and dates of birth, they can’t calculate my weekly earnings correctly.

I get a half-teachers pension, which is a little more than my tax allowance, so it uses up my allowance (obviously) and so my current self employment is then all taxed at 20% – again obviously.

But no – the CSA cannot see that my pension uses up my tax allowance (and is only taxed a teensy ammount). So they are calculating the tax on my self-employment after taking another allowance off the top: a double whammy – making that a teensy ammount of tax too and ending up with over £20 per week too much on my weekly earnings.

Will they listen to reason? No. They are Vogon Bullies.

All this because I lost my SA302 – official tax calculation – despite my sending them the printout of my tax total for the year in question from my internet portal. I had no idea I would ever need my SA302 – don’t I get statements of accounts through the year anyway? I sent them one of these – but they couldn’t interpret it!

Now HMRC are not so busy I might get through on the phone and I should be able to get another (SA302) official calculation in time for my appeal.