CSA is punishing us for not claiming benefits

June 1, 2015

Hi iv just this last two months had contact with csa .iv always been involved with my little girl and ,i also have been a single parent to two boys ,grown up now.

Basicly two1/2 years ago i was made homeless due to the be-trail of a friend who i was in business with ,due to this i had to move 165 miles away as i had no help in being re-homed and took a chance in the north east england , from a friend who put me up till i was on my feet.

With the only skill i have in 2012 beginning of this year i started up again as a wedding photographer , from the help of my friend now todate im just breaking even with the business hoping to break into profit in the beginning middle of 2013 , untill the csa decided to come and see me.

I told them that i dont take a wage as i have just started the business and there isent enough to take one . i dont take money from the dole , for low income , even thou i should but im scared that it will afect my friend and her child, who now is my girl friend , the effect of this is that it has now been two month from csa and thay wanting over £1000 from me . and are destroying our life’s.

As it looks like i will have to stop my business or move out , i just wish they would give us a chance . my ex is now wed again claiming all sorts of benefits even thou he is working , we claim nothing work hard and have nothing ,makes me sick. thanks for listening.


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