CSA is a scam and I’m going to fight it!

January 12, 2017

I thought csa should be on your weekly wage i have a daughter that is 14 which i pay for but questioning csa payments i have 2 year old daughter with my new partner they want to take her child benefit her child tax credits and other things into consideration which i do not agree to this what my 2 year old gets that is to provide for her i pay my 14 year old csa out of my wage i dont see my 14 year old at all cos of my ex wife.

I have the local mp invloved which are going to fight for fathers or mothers that dont see there kids should not have to pay this scam nothing its a joke and when they taking my 2 year old her money which we have to provide for her My ex wife will receive benefits so why are they coming to me for extra payments when i cannot afford this extra payments theres no wonder fathers and mothers end there life i have told my MP all of whats happening they are going to get the to the bottom of it and i will fight and fight for any parent refusing to see there kids and csa saying i am in arreas all the time no way am not its a scam yes it is what i have here am going to fight it all the way.