CSA is a money making scam for lazy mothers

July 8, 2016

Mother needs child payments because part time wages housing 50% and working and child tax credits are not enough ?

Or just a way to be used by decent notation that fathers should pay towards their children But we are not in the 1950’s and the rat won’t even let me use her toilet lol The sham bollox csa Cms or just father. / child tax bill The amount of times I’ve heard I shouldn’t have had kids if I couldn’t provide for them ??

I’m blessed with two girls and a boy

I love and through expensive family court hearings I get to see But the system of head in the sand by local tax office that men don’t need wages for life household bills let alone food or clothing How dear us want to look and be housed fe and warm It’s funny it’s stressful it’s disrespectful it’s dishonest to be branded a liar a cheat a deadbeat When the mother is openingly saying she cannot afford to live without paaymments But can take the kids on a holiday to Disney land again paid by the state because the fact of payments are not for luxuries but day to day living costs I’m not saying the kids cannot have a jolly but if I’m being de frauded 1/4 of my wages for them Then how does the male father do the same if life is so extreme in bills housing wages council tax bills loans debts car payments insurances an any extra fines social rackets like littering laws Csa have made my life a fuller experience to hear the banter that they believe is comical Truth the stress an anxiety of being a cash cow or a slave to a gravy train of free hard working cash that doesn’t cover one household let alone two Ok appeal doesn’t exist magistrates the same contact that shower ?

Case examiner only when they csa say the case has been resolved which never will be Parliament health and social ombudsman But it’s down to two people who had kids to make amends and move forward Failing that the family court who also say nope not touching that shite ?

Then dwp fraud cocersive denied acces no money no kids Wake up women the law will step in Repeatedly going to family court over contact says that the father is not a dead beat the mother is and using the system to defraud the male and the benefit system Proving it is easy just invest in c-100 forms as confetti the courts get bored I’m being deducted £250 25% 680 is a charge so that doesn’t go to the kids So it’s a lie so it’s dishonest £130 more or less child payments to the kids an the rest is arrears Even though I set up standing order and paid Can I provide proof of payments it was not the set amount £185 a month a phone call can you pay ten pence you are in arrears ? Wtf Set up family based arrangement 10% of my wages which £1200 tax free a year not bad for churning sprogs out Not enough So now six seven months later can I provide proof that I have a doe ? Wtf You set it up yer tit It’s silly mp’s will help by the csa saying we’ll reduce your bill by £20 is an ownis of defrauding Because if not they wouldn’t I told them shove it up yer arse

£380 nov merry Xmas kids

This is not me being I don’t want to pay just that being dictated that this is that and by the way your a scumbag because you left that poor woman ?

Most men are fed up with childish spoilt brat women who just use men for homes kids cars holidays slush fund nails money new dress new makeup By the way kids need …

Csa is an arse they are just but this

You owe this so your saying

Oh yes we don’t care it’s about making money The top an bottom is the law is fed up with single parents taking the piss out of the system That’s why it was set up Working fathers who own their own home is an easy target to attack for payments and doe out of wages Access and child support are not the same I think dads who don’t bother should be fucked over not the dads who give a shit But a nation of men out of work because the system needs to fuck us all over Any back payments after six years can be wiped out I’m two years in and the amount of utter bollock and lies Oh £84 a month is now doe £250 Forever Lost a shit load of weight no eating drinking And my clothing are rags but long as the rat bag looks good csa is a brickwall Say I’m just taping this conversation and I’ll post it on you tube They don’t like that Because it’s corrupt and a money making scam.