CSA have no control

August 11, 2010

I have a family member who is going nuts like so many others, trying to fund the CSA for nothing. I see many have been told they owe a lot of money, but this guys bill is now set at £24,000 !!! and each year, they make it raise by another 1-2000, because according to them, that’s how it works **confused**. The citizens advice centre have been looking at this for 2 years, and yet – nothing has been done, and when the guys back injury made him unable to work, the CSA ‘generously’ cut the payments down a little bit (just over £35 of his £60 benefit while on the sick, and have now increased the final overall amount again as a kind of angry gesture at him being disabled now (ive read the paper warning of it, it makes no logical sense at all, and ive done accountancy for years).

Nobody seems to have any control of any of this, not the CSA staff, the judges, the police, or the citizens advice centres, even talking to the CSA just doesn’t do a thing, it’s like phoning the wrong company all the time, nothing gets done or changes.

I used to say that if i met somebody who worked as a traffic warden, i’d kick them just for the hell of it. For the CSA ? i’d probably put them in a microwave 🙂

Every member of their staff has caused this, they should have all quit these evil occupations as soon as they started – they are the ones to be blamed for helping this ‘mistake’ of a business.

And why do so many people say ‘just pay it and it wont be a problem’ ? LoL. Where is the logic in those people ? did they all apply for this kind of job too? wake up to the reality, paying gets you nowhere in this mess.


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