CSA have no clue what they are doing!

October 12, 2016

I left the army in 1997 and shortly afterwards split from my wife and 1 year old daughter. I was earning £190 a week and the CSA put an attachment of earnings on me for £97.95 a week. After hundreds and hundreds of telephone calls i was getting nowhere and after 3 years i had to leave my job and go self employed as i simply couldn’t afford to live.

After 2 years of being self employed i recieved a letter from the CSA telling me i had overpaid and owed nothing for the forseeable future. I then went back into a PAYE job and the attachment of earnings went on again (although not at the same level) When my daughter turned 16 i was earning a little more so decided to put £100 a month into her personal bank account. Again her mother got greedy and re-approached the CSA who wrote to me and advised me that i had been over paying and to stop all payments and that an attachment of earnings order on me would be adjusted to £37 a month until my daughters 18th birthday and that would then end (I continued with the £100 into my daughters account as i wasn’t going to make her suffer for her mothers greed).

Around her 18th birthday low and behold true to their word (For once) the attachment stopped. My daughter turned 20 3 weeks ago and is expecting her own child now but last week I received a bill from the CSA for £4500. After picking myself up i called them and cot the same crap i had got 19 years ago. I asked them how this figure had come about and they said ‘Arrears’ I said how? and can you send me a breakdown of how these arrears have come about? they said they cannot do that and i have to pay up or they will again put an attachment of earnings on me!!!! What i don’t get is that these muppets have no clue whatsoever how much i earn(And havent done for the past 15 or so years) so how the hell do they decide how much i should be paying anyway???