CSA have doubled my payments now I fear my life will fall apart

May 14, 2017

I was with my ex partner for 9 years, 3 kids later she cheated on me, kicked me out an stopped me seeing my children, eventualy she started letting me have contact, i started paying csa, my payments have always been 20% of my wages which was high but i could just about survive, now this new company have taken over and have increased it to 40% which is double, i am now in council tax arrears, rent arrears, and how no money at all to eat or get to work, i will be homeless and jobless within 3 months because of the heartless csa that wont lower the payments at all, i fear this will be my first and last post as i am going to kill myself because i cant see any way around this. I have tried everything and no one will listen, i love my kids with all my heart but i can not live like this anymore!