CSA has kept me in the dark

April 5, 2015

I have an ongoing problem.i rang csa 6 sep 2012 to ask why my payments had stopped.i was told there was a change of circumstances and it had a completion date of 4 dec.

No one at any stage had contacted me to say this was happening.i then had to continually call to get the money they had in the system released which caused me considerable stress and hardship.i rang again 12 nov no change and 10 december as noone had called on or after the completion date.

Someone was to call me back on 10 dec but did not.i called later and was told the completion date is 16 jan…….another change was reported 18 oct…again i was never notified.i asked what was happening and told sorry but it wont be completed until 16 jan .at no stage has anybody contacted me or helped in any way.

This is extremely stressful and upsetting .i finally spoke to someone there today who just kept repeating himself and not helping…i have not been kept informed and at no stage have i been helped by csa.

I am at my wits end as it takes 4 months to do nothing and all the while i receive speradic payments and i dont even warrant a phonecall or letter.please advise where i go next as i am getting no help and noone will escalate the situation.