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CSA has increased my payments by more than 100%

Financially I’ve always lived on a tight budget; living on my own so getting no other income coming in to the household to support with the bills. I’ve been paying Child Maintenance for two children most of their lives through the CSA.

Middle of this year the CSA contacted me requesting my financial position for re-evaluation   after the ex-partner contacted them end of May claiming change of circumstances for herself and her family. She has moved up north with her new partner 18month old child push the 3 other children from myself and another.

This year was the first year that the CSA have included the Partnerships Bonuses as part of the financial assessment which I disputed this as the bonuses is an unknown variable that is not guaranteed payment.

The reassessment was calculated with the following Hourly rate + shift allowance + Bonuses to work out my weekly total earnings , minus Rent and Council tax there was other thing such as travel, pension contributions that would have also been part of the calculations that are irrelevant to myself. This also dose not include basics such as FOOD, Electric or Water basic essentials of human rights.

After the reassessment the maintenance payments increased over 100% from £217 pcm to £447 per calendar month which is taken directly out of my wages each month.

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