CSA fining partner for unknown circumstance change in 1999!

September 19, 2015

My partner received a letter from the csa. It stated that although they said in Feb 2015 that they weren’t going to charge him they have now changed their minds and he has to pay £1000 (aprox) at £7 (aprox) a week. His son is now 20 and when he was assessed back in 1997, because he had his son 4 nights a week, he didn’t have to pay anything, although he did give £25 per week to his mum. My partner has never heard from them (csa) since 1998.

17 yrs later they send the said letter!?

He phoned the csa and was told that during October 1998 and Feb 1999 he had a change in circumstances and because they never received the form stating this change they are now fining him. The fine is £104 per week during this time scale (Oct 98-Feb 99). But this would amount to more than the £1000 bill they sent?

He has never needed to pay csa so why the fine? When he asked what the change in circumstances was he was told that he must supply it. 17 years is a long time…who knows what it was. But why fine him when he never had to pay in the first place!? We are requesting all data that they have regarding this. Is there anything else we can do before they start taking it out of his wages. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.