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CSA failed me and my family in the 90s and I demand answers!

I am looking to make some sort of complaint to the CSA for the way they handled my case back in the 90’s. I was born in 1981 so am now an adult but when my father left I was only a child. Following the breakdown of the relationship between my mum and dad, my dad would occasionally give money to my mum to pay for myself and my older brother. Then the CSA got involved although they never actually managed to get my dad to pay anything, apparently they were unable to locate him.

After I had turned 18 my mother did receive some arrears payments of around £20 a month for a short time but this is nothing in comparison to what was owed. I have recently tracked my father down and through a combination of the electoral register and the land registry found that he has been living at the same address since 1991 so I have no idea why the CSA were unable to locate him.

Also the property he is owns is now worth approx. £1 million and it feels so unfair that my mum had to struggle to bring us up with no help from my father whilst he was living a nice comfortable life with his other family. I have tried contacting the CSA but they have stated that my mother as the claimant will need to contact them but it is me that wants to make the complaint. The CSA failed me and my family in the 90’s and I want some answers, why couldn’t they find him when it only took me a matter of months. Any help would be appreciated on where I go from here.

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