CSA don’t care as long as they get their cut

September 17, 2015

My story is I’ve lived with my ex until my kids turned 8 and 6 2012. She decide to end the relationship. I was earning 1200 after tax which work out to be 240 a month. Since then I’ve been trying to get weekend overnight contact ever since . Everytime we try to get somewhere she sabotage it. I’ve been travelling to london tocontact centres from bristol paying 45 pounds an hour sessions.

Last year october I lost my job . I was still paying csa from my savings so it could work in my favour in court. So I decide to stop paying in march as I was working at an employment agency and you know that’s not stable. They contact me yesterday . They won’t give me a back payment because I did not tell them i lost my job . I said if you card that much for the children where were you when I’m paying all that money out.

I have a 3 week old child I’m nt living with the mom because shes still at her mom’s house . They said they can’t take my new born into consideration because she does not live with me . Only way the mother have to make a claim . That confirms they only after thier percentage for administration fee and not for the best interest of any of my kids. I told them I can’t afford it but they still want to squeeze something out of me asking me about if im on benefits they can still collect Ibut the truth is I’m not entitled to any benefits as I’m a foreigner but they still don’t care.

So I’m going to change my number but I can tell you this I’m not going to commit suicide lime that guy in September before I kill myself I’ll rather March up to thier office and make an example out of them. It’s not like I walked out on my children and want nothing to do with them the mom knew If I have weekend custody she won’t get no money. I rather spend on them than give her the money in her bank.