CSA doesn’t care that I’m not receiving the money I’m entitled to!

December 13, 2016

So iv been claiming CSA since i left my partner 5 years ago. He had more kids which were removed and placed in care as he and his partner have substance misuse issues and were found physically abusing the kids. Therefore, I have been told my 2 are not to see him or will be placed on the protection register. They haven’t seen him for 2 years now. We tried supervised contact but he threatened me and my family and he sees himself as “above” going to contact centres i mean why wouldn’t he they are his children to beat and risk their lives as he sees fit. Anyways for the first 2 years he worked i got a reasonable amount of CSA £150 a month. But then he met the girlfriend from hell and as my daughter says they are 2 negative influences that when together make a whole negative mess and bring out the evilest in each other. Not only that but his church going holier than though father has taught him how to avoid paying me because “if you give her money she will constantly take until her kids are 18” ok well isn’t that the idea? That however is not the sickest part. His mother commit suicide due to her debt and her long court battles to get a penny out of the 2 men that fathered her children!

So back to CSA sorry for the rambling and ranting Iv had months where he’s dodged them and not paid a penny all the while the back payments have racked up he owes me thousands literally. Csa has not chased him they don’t care at all theyve literally done nothing. So about 18 months ago now he signed on and iv recieved £10 a fortnight. What about the back log? it’s non existent to CSA ex husband also has a job being paid cash in hand reported him to HMRC not to get a penny. How he’s survived on JSA for 18 months i know not. I don’t speak to him anymore haven’t for a while no point in asking it will just give him satisfaction i need it. So iv learned to live without it’s the only thing i can do meanwhile he and GF are banging cocaine up their noses like there’s no tomorrow or so iv heard.

I see these stories about money grabbing women stopping the fathers seeing their kids and people put me into that category because theres either the women that bend over backwards to help their ex and those who are evil and stop fathers being a part of their kids lives there’s only those 2 categories for single mums. Anywho Csa have no interest in the back log of missed payments, No interest in even checking to see if he’s working and no interest in updating me case and in january next year my claim is cut and i need to move onto the new claimant system maybe i may see a change i highly doubt it though.