CSA doesn’t care about the welfare of my partner or his kids

November 14, 2015

My partner’s ex is now allowed to use the csa as a weapon to destroy our lives she has tried everything she can to split us up and now she has a new way using the csa she tells them lies and they just believe her and mess us about now they have taken over £200 that they shouldn’t have this they admit and told my partner he must ask his ex for this money back something we can not do as she is crazy and the last time she was asked to stop using my partner’s phone number (they have been split for 3 yrs by that point due to her cheating) she had an harassment warning served on him claiming to be scared for her life and he was told to stay so many yards away from her or risk jail which he did but a month or 2 into it she moved right beside us well within these yards he had to stay away from her after he told the csa this they said ok they will send a mediator to her home to meet and make the real arrangements and get the money back.

we have 2 weeks of the month to go and no money at all due to this over payment and bills to pay that have bounced and incurred charges so this evening as arranged but the mediator didnt show and his ex had they man she lives with (guy she cheated with) come to the door tell my partner that she wouldn’t give him a penny back to and get lost this is disgusting not only did they do this now but i was made redundant last year and got jsa the csa took money from my jsa to give his ex for children that are nothing to do with me why do the csa take the mothers side and allow the bitter woman to use them to mess up peoples lives without this money he cant work so will lose his job which means she wont get any money but the csa do not care they just make out my partner is dodging paying for his kids which isnt the case he just wants the kids to benefit from the money not his ex as the kids wear holy bleach stained clothes and she buys herself £50 shoes and nights out while my partner and i have nothing this has gone on for 8 months now till it erupted today after months of calls which got nowhere due to them claiming the security questions were wrong (they weren’t) they would call ask questions then say well check with his ex and get back which they never did.

now they claim he owes years of arrears for the years they had a home made agreement which he paid.

they people from the csa are so rude and seem to be mainly bitter angry woman who feel that we should be happy to lose our home and his job as long as his ex is happy were so confused, angry and just cant take any more.

now the kids will now have to go without christmas presents so the kids lose out again the csa should be there to help situations like ours not make them worse my partner and me are starting to crack under the stress of this.