CSA demands are getting me down

December 1, 2009

I have been paying for my two son’s fees for private school, paid all the maintenance to my ex-wife and she is still manipulating the system to get more from me. I have been avoiding declaring everything i own because, for the 17 yrs we were married she never did a day’s work all the money that came in was my sweat.

I risked my life doing dangerous jobs for my family including her to have a comfortable life.

She had a 5 bedroom house overlooking the sea that i inherited from my grand parents. After divorce we split the money when the property was sold. I got 40% and she got 60% and it was a good fair amount she got. She is now living with my two boys in a 3 bedroom house all paid for and a brand new volvo.

I have been to court several times to have contact with my children and granted by the court contact every weekend. She refused to comply with the court and come up with excuses each time it was time for me to see the children. It was too much for me to bare and i left it for a while so i can get my self together.

It is now 4 years since i have seen the children and the CSA will not listen. I am a broken man, there is no sympathy for men like me. I am honest and a hard working man annd desrve to have a life without CSA breathing down my neck every time i try to move on with my life.

I have lost everything. What can i Do?