CSA demand money from me for my baby… sister!

September 11, 2012

The only reliable component of the CSA’s existences is the fact that they are continuously and consistenly incompetent.

Very, very long story short this is just a brief outline of how the CSA have behaved with me over the past 5 years and still remain as poor as ever.

1. They accused me of living at an address which I had never even heard of or been near in my life and were sending threatening letters containing personal information to this address for many months without my knowledge. They had posession of my telephone number the whole time and never even bothered to call to confirm the details given by my ex partner were correct.

2. They sent me threatening letters demanding that I pay maintenance for my 16 year old sister???????

3. I issued a 5 page formal complaint and posted/emailed across. They didnt even acknowledge reciept.

4. On 2 occasions, they have made assumptions on parentage/address/salary/place of work (all incorrectly) without calling to confirm any details with me. This is illegal as they are supposed to attempt to call you 3 times before they can legally assume anything.

5. Promise me call backs “100%” when I call with a query which then can NEVER deal with on the spot and they NEVER call back. When I eventually call them back, they will say “oh the last person you spoke to has moved to another floor now so nothing has been actioned” 3 ffing times this has happened. (Sounds like a standard palm off line which they are trained to come out with to me).

6. When informing them that I have changed address, am out of work for 10 days and now have another child living with me. It takes them 12 weeks to recalculate the amount payable and in the meantime they still chase the normal payment. 12 weeks!!! Is it really that hard??? Oh and then when I call them 6 weeks later to check the progress guess what……that person i spoke to has left the floor so that phone call never happened and they havent even begun calculating anything.

7. The way their letters are worded is a complete disgrace and so heavily biased towards the parent without care its embarassing for them.

I could go on and on and on and on. I will pull up my written complaint which outlines everything so at least people can see that agency for the waste of space which they really are. They make people suicidal with their maladministration.