CSA claim my son’s disability money as theirs

April 10, 2012

Me and my wife are going to court to get custody of my daughter from my EX and she has now got the CSA on to me even though i have been maintenance for my daughter and now the are taking from my other 3 kids in the house which 1 is recieving DLA and we get the Disability Element of Child Tax Credit.

The CSA have included the Disability Element of my disabled sons money and now we cant do anything with my other kids because ive now got to pay 3x the amount per week and im the only one working as my wife is on maternity leave so money is really shot. My EX is only going to use the money fopr herself adn drugs and drink and not on my daughther and she is only doing this to hurt my other kids.

I have to pay full rent and council tax as well as the other bills on top of it. She doesnt care about my other kids or the roof over their heads.