CSA claim I didn’t speak to them, even though I had a name

January 2, 2012

The child support agency calculated that my ex owed me just over £5000 in outstanding payments, they were in the process of takening it to court when they asked me to agree to the amount that they were applying for. I could not agree to the amount as I calculated it as slightly less that what they had due to him working and making a few payments directly to me. Nut because he must have been working cash in hand he would not admit to this.

Due to me not agreeing with them, even after providing the name of who he was working for the csa told me that, if I did not agree to it she would pass it straight back to the start, IE 2 years hard work and tax payers money for nothing. My reason also for not agreeing to this amount was that if it came to light in the court room I could risk not getting any money.

Since then I tried speaking to the woman that promised she would deal with it to the end, and guess what I have been told that I am a lier and never spoke to this lady as there is no record of it. I know I am good but I must be great to pluck a name out my rear end that I suposedly had never spoke of heard about!!!!

WHAT TO DO??????