CSA caused my mental health issues and courts sided with me!

November 13, 2016

After receiving extensive bullying tactics and finally deduction of earnings order, i was sectioned under the mental heath act , which resulted in another 3 sections there after , when the CSA finally got me into the court room to settle up the arrears of £7000-£8000 , the judges final words to the court was , if this was in a different court there would be serious legal ramifications involved and wished me all the luck in the future , a week or two later , i received a letter from the CSA saying i didn’t owe them a penny !!! what did i do about it ? nothing , why not ? because the affect of over prescribed anti- psychotics and mood stabilizers result in one thing , basic motor functions eg no soul ,and when someone asks how you are , the only response is i’m fine or ok ,i’ve only recently come off meds after well over 10 years on them with help from my GP , so please be careful who you have children with , and if you have to separate do it on good terms , you don’t want the goverment accountants on your back.